Link email address to more than one account

I want to add the person who independently examines our accounts to QuickFile but I am getting the following message when I put in his email address as I guess he has a login on someone else’s QuickFile account. Could you change it so an email address can be linked to more than one QuickFile account?

“This Email address has already been registered to another QuickFile account. To manage multiple QuickFile accounts from a single email login please register to use Affinity.”

Hi @james

We do operate a one account per email policy (there’s more on this here).

However, they’re welcome to use another email address or sign up to an Affinity account… If you need help with either of these, please let us know.

Depending on their email provider they may be able to use a trick, for example gmail support +anything after the username part of your address (so if you have the address then you will also receive any mail addressed to as well). Other providers may have a similar facility.

That’s a good idea, thanks. It is actually Gmail he uses.

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