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Link error in main button "Create Bank Account" in Bank Management


Just entered new bank account as switched - noticed “type of account” drop-down greyed out. No issue as was adding a current acc and wanted 120x nominal so all good…

Then went to add a reserve account, found myself in same position as:

BUG: the main “Create Bank Account” button link has been truncated to the same link as the little + in the Current section - i.e. [SUBDOMAIN].quickfile.co.uk/bank/modify

I noticed that the other sections little + buttons add an expression to this link in the format
[SUBDOMAIN].quickfile.co.uk/bank/modify?t= and then a type in CAPITALS

Using this format I browsed directly to [SUBDOMAIN].quickfile.co.uk/bank/modify?t=RESERVE and sure enough I was presented with a new account screen but “Account type” is greyed out to Reserve and nominal is in range for deposit accounts.

A little more guesswork led me to [subdomain].quickfile.co.uk/bank/modify?t=GENERAL
which is a new account add page but with a FULLLY POPULATED and working drop-down “Account type” field selector.

I am guessing that this is the correct link for the main “Create Bank Account” button, and that the default, unqualified link is the “+” link for “Current” only, possibly as that was the only type initially?

It would seem a logical tidy up to have shortened the link on the main button, but it does need the ?t=GENERAL to function correctly.

Perhaps when it’s fixed you could let the poster of the thread I link to above know? I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Understand this is not a high priority fix but it’s always nice to squash an easy-to-fix bug!


Thanks Eagle_Bookkeeping, or should I say Sherlock! I have tried the create new bank acc and added what you suggested to get the full bank type options so thanks for that work around.

After the Create new bank account to show the full range has been fixed, my original post will still need addressing by support, as the accounts I have created recently for affinity clients have all been current accounts so a simple category name editing facility that I suggested is the easiest way to correct the type name from Current to Reserve or Savings, Tax, Vat or Holding etc


Hi @Eagle_Bookkeeping

Thanks for your detailed post! I’ve certainly passed all this over to our development team to take a look. We’ll keep you posted!

@George_H - Please accept my apologies if I missed this from your original post. Regarding the “renaming”, I don’t believe it’s not that straightforward for technical reasons. I will however send you a private message and see if we can help in any way here.

@George_H @Eagle_Bookkeeping - Apologies for the delay in my update, but this was fixed at the end of last week. Please let us know if you experience any further issues.