Linking refund to multiple credits

A supplier has issued two credit notes and then late rmade a single transfer for the total amount. I have created the two credit notes on the system using the option to hold funds on account and then a transaction on the bank, but when I try to tag the transaction as a supplier refund and choose the supplier it doesn’t find any ‘qualifying purchases’.

Hi @Mark_Manning

With the funds held on account, they work a little bit different when it comes to refunds.

You will need to “refund the balance” of the funds held, which will in turn create a bank transaction for you.

If you go to Purchases >> View Suppliers >> Click the supplier in question >> Click the Prepayments balance
This will show you all payments that are “unallocated” (held on account).

View the relevant payment(s) you wish to refund, and then click “Refund Balance”:

When you confirm this, a new bank transaction will be created.

You can safely delete the untagged entry already in your bank account.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thank you. Although I can see that this will work, it would create two individual entries in the bank rather than a single entry which matches the actual transaction, is there no way to combine them?

Hi @Mark_Manning

Unfortunately, if they are separate payments, they would be separate transactions. There isn’t a way to combine or merge these at present.

Each “refund balance” will create its own pre-tagged transaction, so if you still want your QuickFile view of your current account to match the bank’s view then you’d have to do the “refund balance” actions to a different bank account (e.g. drawings/director loan) and then tag the current account transaction as a bank transfer from the same place.

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