Linking vat making tax digital

Hello, I am having real trouble submitting a VAT return. I seem to have done everything on the side of HMRC but nowhere yet have I been asked which software to link to - Can anyone help with this matter please?
Many thanks

Hi @Joyfuldogs,

Have you read this guide and made sure you’ve followed all of the steps? HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Hello Beth,

I have just spoken to HMRC. I have signed up for VAT digital but not MTD and they say that your software is transmitting down the wrong pathway and therefore need to DISABLE our account from Making Tax Digital please, then I should be able to submit our VAT return.

Could you do that please?
Thank you

Hi Dina,

You will need to do this within your VAT settings. There is a tickbox for MTD.


Thank you very much QFBeth,

I have done that now and it does seem to be working.

Thank you for your help

Kind regards
Dina - Joyful Dogs

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