List of ALL invoices in one lump

Re the report which calls itself “Show all sales” on the dropdown menu and “Invoice Management” once you open it.

This provides a CSV download which gives me exactly what I need. But as far as I can tell it only allows 50 items per download. How can I get it to download a lot more per query.

(In our case, we have less than 700 invoices so a download of the whole lot would be a perfectly manageable CSV file about 70k bytes long.)

I don’t think you can get just all the invoices on their own but if you do a “backup” of your account then you get a zip file full of CSV files, one of which is the full invoice listing.

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Am I being thick? I found this page which claims to tell me how to take a backup. I have gone into the Friends House Moscow account and have been going round in circles trying to find the alleged “option ‘Weekly/Monthly Backups’”.

Hi @Roger_W_Haworth

Are you the main administrator for the account? The back up option is restricted to the account administrator only.

However, it can be set up to use any email address, or back up to a shared Dropbox folder if you’d prefer.

On my account the backup option is tenth on the page I get when I click on “account settings” at the top of the screen - it isn’t on the drop down menu directly, you have to go via the “all settings” page.

Thanks. I will contact the administrator.

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