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Lloyds bank feed not activating

Have purchaced the bank feed for our account with Lloyds and have tried several times to activate, but it says ‘sorry due to technical error’ come back later.

Have tried over a couple of days and on different pc/laptops but no joy.

Can you advise or do I winge to the bank?

Hi there,

Where do you see this error? Are you seeing it on the Lloyds website or in QuickFile?

Are you setting up an Open Banking feed with Lloyds… it should look something like this:


Hi Mathew,
on the lloyds site, went through all the stages of passwords etc and identifies our account, but then final click, the button just fades and after a long wait (aporx 45secs) it comes up with error message.

I am presuming it is a Lloyds issue, but just wanted to check there was not something else i could do first.

Ps anything come to light with the 'Air bnb csv I sent the other day?


I will escalate this to the Open Banking team. You could also try calling the Lloyds support team, maybe they can shed some light on the error?

Regarding the “Air bnb CSV” I don’t recall seeing this. Are you able to email it to info@quickfile.co.uk and I should be able to pick that up.


I have re sent Air BNB email to address above.

Will now try and get hold of the bank…

I’ve received the CSV. I will open up a private message to discuss the AirBnB import with you.

Look out for a green notification in the top right

back to the Loyds bank feed, just been on to the bank for 1hr and 10mins!!
Been through all departments and they say they can’t help me because as far as they are concerned they only support Quickbooks & sage!

I know this is not true as i can see on the forum that others have connected to Lloyds.

Please help, me out because I’m loosing the will to live.

Udate: after constant arguing with bank they reckon the issue is browser and should be using Chrome ( i use Firefox)
So went through using chrome & logging on…its worse. Don’t even get to the final stage of connecting and get message…

They reckon its nothing to do with them.

I’m sorry to say that the front line support staff at some of the banks seem to have had zero training on Open Banking. By the way we will roll your subscription forward so you’re not paying for a service that you can’t access.

In the mean time I will attach those screenshots to the support ticket I created with Open Banking this morning. I will report back as soon as I hear any more on this.

Agree with staff being ill informed of new products. :rage:

OK hope to get something from your guys soon

We have opened up a dialogue with the Lloyds Open Banking team to try to resolve this. I will send you a private message to discuss this further.

Has this been fixed as i am also having the same problem with Lloyds. Lloyds state there are no problems on their end but i have managed to get them to open an investigation into this. They said to wait 5 days before contacting them back

Hi @Ianitrix

We’re not aware of any issues here at present. Are you seeing any error messages?
Is it the Open Banking feed you’re using?


yes using open banking. I get through to lloyds, enter my username, password and select which bank account i want to use then it hangs for 60 seconds before saying Sorry we couldn’t set up sharing due to a technical problem and logs be off. When i go back to quickfile it says Lloyds authorisation server returned an error: server_error


Hi @Ianitrix,

Have you tried to re-connect your bank feed today? Are you still getting the same error?


Yes im still getting the same error. Have tried nearly every day for 10 days and still no joy


Hi Jason,

We escalated this issue to Lloyds OB team on 28th February. When I last chased it we received the following response:

OB Response team18/Apr/19 4:31 PMLATEST

Hi Glenn,

The date for this fix will be 13th/14th May. Any change and I will let you know asap.

We don’t know the exact nature of the issue as it’s happening on the Lloyds system not ours. I do know that it seems to affect around ~5% of Lloyds customers.

This still appears to be unfixed as a client has reported this same issue to me yesterday.

Is there any update from Lloyds or a work-around ?


Hi @Echohead,

All that we have heard is the fix they issued didn’t work. They are still investigating as a priority but haven’t given an expected date for it to be resolved.

We will let you know if we hear anything back - or have any update

This is exactly the same problem I have had with Bank of Scotland - Error trying to open bank feed with Bank of Scotland
Lloyds and BoS on on the same system I think.
Can my activation be rolled back as well, so I am not paying for a service I cannot access?