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Error trying to open bank feed with Bank of Scotland

I have been trying to connect my Bank of Scotland business account to Quickfile using Open Bank Feed. It asks me for my BOS login details, but then gives an error saying there was a technical problem and to try again later. I have been trying for a week and always get the same error.

Hi @bugtao

Sorry to hear about this!

Where are you seeing this error - is it on the bank website, or QuickFile?

It is on the bank website.

If the error is on the bank’s website, I would in the first instance try and speak with them to see if everything is in order. I’m not sure with BoS, but with some other banks even something as simple as details missing on the account (like an up-to-date signature) can cause an issue.

I have just spoken to BoS and they say there is nothing wrong with my account and that if the open banking connection is not working then it is down to QuickFile to sort out the problem.

Hi @bugtao

If there is an error on our side, we’d happily take a look and fix this.

However, you mention above the error is on the bank website which unfortunately is out of our control. The bank would be responsible for what’s displayed on their website.

If you are able to provide a screenshot of the error we can escalate it to the BoS Open Banking Team. The front line support at most banks are very rarely much help.

BoS are raising the problem with the IT team. I’ll let you know how that goes. I would send you a screenshot of the error message, but can’t see how to add an attachment.

No problem, BoS will be better placed to find a solution here.

Please let us know how it goes.


Just wondering whether you have had any joy with BoS and setting up your open banking feed

Not yet. BoS said to give it a few days.

ok, keep us posted :crossed_fingers:

BoS have identified a fault and say they are working on a fix. They can’t give me a timescale though.

Thanks for the update @bugtao. Hopefully Bank of Scotland will get this resolved soon!

I got the same message when I tried to link to a Barclays account. However there’s a simple alternative which works better for me. If you select Other Bank instead of the named banks, you can copy in the transactions from a csv file. So you just need to download your bank statement into a csv file and then copy it into your Quickfile current account. It’s better for me because (a) I like to change the rather formulaic Barclays transaction descriptions into something more meaningful and (b) I need to split some of the bank transactions into more than one Quickfile transaction. It’s easier to first sort everything out in the spreadsheet and then copy into Quickfile.

Thanks Derek, that sounds like a good way of doing it. However, I cannot find where you can select an “other” bank.

It seems this topic will automatically close shortly. Is there a way to keep it open until the issue is resolved?

Hi @bugtao

I’ve extended this for you. We can easily extend it further if needed.

What @Derek_Smith was referring to, was using a .csv download from your online banking account and uploading it manually rather than using a feed. This is where the “Other” option comes into play.

To Bugtao (odd name!). ‘Other’ is at the bottom of the ‘Please select your bank’ dropdown list that has Barclays and Alliance Leicester at the top.

To Mathew. I’m the pensioner who called at your Accountex stand for help with my charity accounts. Your advice was just what I needed and I’m now using Quickfile a lot better. Thanks again

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@Derek_Smith - I remember you! Glad to hear the advice was helpful! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help further :slight_smile: