MailChimp integration

Hello, I was wondering, if there is a mailchimp integration?


What sort of integration would you be looking for?

Where my email addresses for my customers and name would sync with my mailing list

I thought so, I just wanted to pin down the functionality as we do get a lot of integration suggestions without any clear definition on how it should work.

I don’t think this will be a huge challenge, but there is some work involved. We tend to prioritise features that have some degree of support from the QF community. I’ll leave this thread open and if there’s greater support we can look into the development further.

Makes sense to me :slight_smile:

It’s standard on something like Kashflow

Support would be great

Any update to this one? Would be awesome if it was nearly ready.

No update here I’m afraid, I will let you know when we are able to look at this further. It would be good however to see more support for this first before prioritising.

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thank you - it does mate sense in my mind - not sure if people understand what it could bring? Could essentially mean you can mass mail your clients that are with an email address

While I agree it would be a useful feature, personally I use QuickFile for accounting not for CRM/Marketing functionality. I wouldn’t want to see QuickFile head too much off the accounting road and lose focus on what really matters (not that I’m saying you would @Glenn!)

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It would simply sync into mail chimp the email address and mail chimp would do the rest. Thats how it works on the likes of opencart

I think this sort of thing would be best done by a service like but they don’t list quickfile yet (quickbooks is there though).

There’s an open thread on Zapier here:

if it can be done i think this is a fab idea!

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Would love this integration Glenn, hopefully with more support for it you could consider it :slight_smile: As always you are the BEST!

We are currently integrating our application with Zapier (as per the post above). MailChimp works with Zapier so when this integration has been completed (Next 2-3 weeks) you will be able to sync new contacts from MailChimp to QuickFile or vice versa.


FANTASTIC news. Thanks Glen, you really do listen to what your customers need. 10/10 again :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait! Yay!!! Seems like it’s positive news

I’m pleased to inform that our Zapier integration is now available for beta testing. As previously mentioned MailChimp is already partnered with Zapier so it’s possible to have full 2-way sync.

If you’re interested in setting this up please reply here or send me a private message on the forum and I will provide further instructions.

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Hi Glenn,
Great that I have just returned from holiday to find you have Zapier integration in beta testing.
Please could you send me some info on setting this up.

@jojo, will send an invite link to you on a private message.