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Manually send an invoice receipt

I would like to request a feature, where you can send an invoice receipt once a payment has been made.
I asked about that in the post:
How do I send an invoice receipt.

Towards the end of the post, I have explained how it works in WaveAccounting.
This would be very handy, if a customer asked for a receipt or you forgot to send a confirmation when the invoice was recorded.
It would be handy to have a link to send an email notification to the client, within the invoice dashboard.


Hi @Kenneth_Waiganjo

I agree this could be useful. I’ve marked it as “under consideration” for now, and asked to see if this is something that can be reviewed.

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Morning @Kenneth_Waiganjo

I can confirm that this can now be achieved from the payment preview screen. Here you will see a new button “Send payment received email”.

In the dialogue box that appears you will then be able to select the contact to send the email confirmation to.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get back to us.


Hi Glenn,
That is fantastic news.
It is a really handy option, it is so easy to record a payment and forget to tick the box that sends a receipt.
Very impressed with the speed of response.

Keep up the good work.



That’s great to hear, thanks.

‘Send payment received email’ to a client with three contacts only allows me to send to first contact. Three email address options come up but all three are the same and are the primary contact. Is this a bug or is it only possible to send receipt to primary contact?

Apologies… yes that does appear to be a bug. We’ve identified the issue and should have this fixed by this evening.

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