Metro bank feed not working

My quickfile was all set up to my business Metro Bank feed, when I have tried to re-connect Metro bank is no longer an options?
Can anyone advise? why is Metro bank UK no longer an option?

Thanks in advance

Hi @julestii

Yodlee feeds were discontinued as of the 14th March due to a legislation change (part of PSD2). There’s more information on this here: Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds

Metro Bank is one that we have been trying to support for some time with a direct feed, but unfortunately they don’t have things in place on their end. My colleague @Glenn explains this in a bit more detail here: Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds

Thanks Mathew
That’s so frustrating, but thank you for confirming.

No problem, and sorry it’s not the answer you were looking for.

I would encourage you however to contact Metro Bank and let them know the importance of an Open Banking feed for your business. We are more than happy to add support Metro, providing they have the right resources in place on their end.

We are a Metro bank customer also, and have lost the live feed. Have you any updates on this being sorted please?

Hi @Conqueror

The latest on this can be found here: Update regarding Metro Bank and Co-op Bank