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Migrating from Sage 'Accounting Start' cloud system

I am treasurer of an organisation that currently uses Sage Accounting Start. The structure of the Chart of Accounts seems similar to the Quickfile template. but Quickfile has better features, especially posting bank receipts where the net includes a bank charge, as well as better supplier ledger features.

The organisation banks with Barclays business banking and uses the automatic feed to link the current accounts with the ledgers. The financial year end is 31st December.

My plan is to run the Sage and Quickfile for a parallel period from 1st October 2021 to 31st December 2021. As the volume of transactions in the final quarter is very low, compared to the first quarter, this will serve as ‘proof of concept’ as well as to iron out any glitches. Essentially I intend to

  • Set up a new company (unincorporated) in Quickfile
  • Amend the chart of accounts in Quickfile to match the source from Sage
  • Export a trial balance after producing the Q3 management accounts as at 30th September.
  • Import the trial balance as opening balances in Quickfile
  • Create the bank import feed in Quickfile - this would mean that our current accounts at Barclays will be feeding two systems (Sage and Quickfile)
  • I will produce end of year accounts as at 31st December 2021 and, if everything then check out and if the Trustees are happy, I will cancel Sage

I would be most grateful for any comments, especially from the Quickfile team or from anyone who has run a migration from Sage Accounting Start.

Mike Bruce

Hi @Mike,

You may have already seen this guide but it may help you with importing the TB: Importing a Sage Trial Balance

You may not be able to get things to match exactly as sage uses cost centres whereas with QuickFile this is done with project tags.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: but looks like you’ve got a good plan in place

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Many thanks @QFBeth . One further question if I may, and that is the business type that I need to select when creating the account on Quickfile. The organisation I represent is a membership association which is a constituency branch of a national political association. Our accounting is autonomous, but we are obliged to report to the national party and to the electoral commission. Specifically, we are not incorporated - so there is no share capital. Neither are we a registered charity, nor are we a partnership.The balance sheet has assets and liabilities on the once side, and on the other, it is purely resernces and retained earnings. On the face of it ‘Sole Trader’ might provide the nearest level of fit, but I would welcome your advice.

Hi @Mike

I’m not an accountant so I wouldn’t like to give you any wrong advice - The only difference with the account types are the default nominals, and having things like Directors Loan accounts etc. saying that you can always add nominals if you find the fit isn’t quite right.

As you say, Sole trader might be the best fit for you?

Hi @QFBeth

Very many thanks as always for your very speedy replies.

Hopefully one final question. I have set up the new accounting entity on Quickfile and notice that some of the accounts are locked - this is not a big problem, and I assume that this is becuase some processes are hard coded to specific account numbers.

A bit more concerning though is that all account names are pre configured and connt be editied. This is a bit of a pain as the names are really misleading. For example, on our Sage system, account 4000 is Membership - Local whereas on Quickfile it is General Sales. Also Account 4000 is a locked account, so I cannot delete it and create a new one.

Is there any way around this please.

Best wishes


You are right, 4000 is a system account and can not be changed or deleted.
You can, however, create a new account, for example 4001 or in that area, and call it Membership - Local or what ever you want. To do this, just go to Chart of Accounts and click Create New Account on the top left corner.

If you have already transaction in 4000, you can bulk move them to your new membership sales account.

You can also do it for purchases (500x) or other accounts.

Hope this helps.

@QFBeth Also please, how do I set the financial year to be 1st Jan to 31st December. It seems to assume the fiscal year.

Many thanks


Very many thanks. It’s not ideal, but it will work. :slight_smile:

Scrub that - I just remembered how to do it :wink:

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