Migration from one account to another

hi i am after migration from one of my accounts to a new one new email is Email removed please help as need every think copying

Hi Mike_Dodds,

First of all it is maybe not the best to post private details (email address).

On your old account you have to run a data backup and safe it somewhere on your computer, you can also send this backup to your email address. Please look here:

Then you have to upload it to your new account. Have a look here:


this dosn’t work as i am trying to fire my old accountant

@Mike_Dodds - Can I just check, how does your accountant access your QuickFile account at the moment?

It’s not possible to copy invoices across, only clients and suppliers (which we can do).

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she setup the account and she is the admin of the account inless i can take over the old account from her as she wont answer my emails or phone

Hi @Mike_Dodds

If the accountant set up the account they would own the account. Unfortunately you would need to speak with them to get the administrator changed over to yourself.

As you’ve set up another account however, we can copy the clients and suppliers over for you, but unfortunately we’re not able to copy invoices.


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