MOSS Invoices

I’m starting to prepare for the EU’s proposed eCommerce package, which includes implementing a MOSS-like system. I’m trying to find out how MOSS invoices currently work so I have some idea of what I’m getting myself in for!

What do MOSS invoices currently contain? The VAT number in the seller’s country but VAT charged at the rate of the buyer’s country?

Seller details: Mr Smith, 85 High St, Manchester, M1 1AA, UK
Buyer details: Herr Schmidt, Hochstr 85, Munich 12345, DE
Date: 2 Sept 2020
VAT number: GB01234567
Cost: £10 + German VAT @19% = £11.90
Total: £11.90
Paid: £11.90
Due: £0.00

Hi @HS_Ltd

I think this is probably best directed towards your accountant or an accountant based website rather than a QuickFile support forum.

However, we do have a guide in our knowledge base around MOSS, which may be of some help: What is VAT MOSS? This looks at recording this in general in QuickFile.

Apologies we couldn’t help on this occasion, but hope this guide does help to an extent.

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