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I’m planning to move from Crunch accounting to Quickfile. The new tax year of my Ltd company starts on August the 1st and I’d like to know what data should I import as I’m planning to start my accounts at Quickfile from that date. On top of clients and bank statements, would I need to import a Trial Balance despite I’m starting the Quickfile accounts on the beginning of my tax year?
Also, since I have money invested on equipment, shall I record any depreciation from the past years and how should I do it?
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Hello @aresvell

The trial balance would be the best thing to import as this would bring in your balances as of your year end. The following link will take you through a few questions and advise best on how to start based on your answers, so it’s worth a look:

These are likely to be done as part of the year end process, so I would include these (or as your accountant to include these) as part of your Crunch accounts, which should in turn include the correct balances in the trial balance for the new year.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if we can assist further :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick reply.

Then that means that including the trial balance of July the 31st should be enough as it would reflect the equipment depreciation?

If the depreciation journal is entered on Crunch for 31st July and before the Trial Balance is generated, then yes, it should.

Excellent, then for setting up propperly on Quickfile I’d only need to import the Trial Balance of the previous year, bank statement and clients? I wouldn’t need to import any invoice or expenses from the previous years?

Also, with the Trial Balance it would be enough to file my accounts and Company Tax Return with one of the accountants that you point me out? How much that would cost?

Thanks for your help

The bank statement would only be needed from the first day - the Trial Balance would include this from the previous periods. But yes, just import your trial balance and your clients, and you should be set to go.

The Trial Balance would include all previous invoices - your Crunch records would be the backing source for these, so ensure you can still access this data once you switch, or at least make a back up. Crunch should be able to advise on this further.

The only thing you may need to adjust is outstanding invoices. This would just involve raising an invoice on QuickFile and reducing the balance on your trial balance. This thread may help with this: Opening Balances / Client Invoices

Generally speaking, it should be. But if there are any queries, then the original documents may be needed. The cost depends on the volume of data in your account. When the time comes, you can use our comparison service and find a suitable accountant

Hope this helps!

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