Opening Balances / Client Invoices

Hello there

We have started using QuickFile from the beginning of this year (1 January 2017) and have inputted our outstanding debtor amount from our trial balance (journal entry)… to avoid double counting, we had to delete client invoices for the corresponding amounts.

When we receive payments for the outstanding balances, we will need to allocate the payments to the relevant clients, can you please advise the best way to do this without double counting on the trial balance? There are presently NO historial invoices (i.e. pre-January) against the clients, as this was doubling up the debtor control amounts.

Many thanks


There are few possibilities
You can create a new nominal a/c call it pre QF debtors and tag any receipts from opening debtors to it also opening TB debtors can be journalised to this new nominal

OR create a new customer call it Pre QF balances, tag any receipts to it as usual. While you creating it you can insert opening debtors as opening balance on this a/c and remove same fig from opening TB

That’s great thanks!

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