MTD do I need to do anything else?

Once I’m set up with a quickfile account is there anything else I need to do? I’m taking it that I continue to use the same invoice system and that the quickfile account will be what I use to digitally record VAT applicable sales and purchases; is this right?

Hello @JoBacon

You will need to also link your HMRC and QuickFile accounts. When you then go to submit a return you should then be able to select the corresponding period that HMRC are looking for, and submit it this way.

There’s more information on linking your accounts, and how to submit the returns here: HMRC Tax Accounts

Regarding the invoices, nothing changes here - it’s only the VAT return side of things at this time. You would continue to create invoices etc. as normal.

Hope this helps!

Thank you. A little dense question for you; is this for your tax return as well as your VAT return?

No, your tax return would be something different.

For a Sole Trader or Partnership this would be your Self Assessment. If you’re a limited company it would be your tax return at year end.

Do you mean an invoicing system other than Quickfile?

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