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Is Quickfile software going to to be available for Making Tax Digital for Income Tax (MTD for ITSA)
The list of current providers is very small ! Find software that's compatible with Making Tax Digital for Income Tax - GOV.UK

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I don’t work for QuickFile so I can’t speak for their future plans, but I know there’s a “periodic report” tool under development based on the MTD specs as they were at the time it was introduced, and I presume this will eventually become a full MTD implementation by the time MTD reporting becomes compulsory in another couple of years time.

Thanks Ian, appreciate the quick response. I am aware that HMRC will be wanting quarterly reports starting soon. Have to weigh up which software to use going forward. Massive change from the once a year stuff we submit now for clients for SA.

April 2023 is when it starts from so not too soon.

Little trick if you want to delay it. Either extend your accounting period or switch to Ltd company. You’ll get an extra year (if sole trader) or till 2026 if ltd to worry about it.

Thanks Paul. 2023 is not so far away! I would like a whole year of testing before that date so that I can be confident that all is working as it should.

Only @QFSupport can confirm their future plans.

I can confirm that we do fully intend to support MTD for ITSA. As @ian_roberts mentioned we have already developed a Periodic Update report that you can tryout (see here for more details).

We are closely tracking HMRC’s roadmap and will continue to develop the systems ready for the full release by April 2023.

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As you may have read MTD for ITSA has been delayed until April 2024. This is in light of the challenges faced by many UK businesses as the country emerges from the Covid 19 pandemic.

We remain committed to bringing all the additional functionality to allow users to file using the new MTD for ITSA platform and are actively engaging with HMRC to bring this about.

Hi Glenn, the fact that you are still working with HMRC is really good news. There is also a shortage of free software that can handle M T D and that is easy to use but has really Gucci features like QF. The extra time will give us all the chance to put software into place.

I just came across that article in AccountingWeb and thought it is a good idea to share it here.