MTD - Still Confused

I’m still confused what I have to do in QF.
I have registered with HMRC for MTD on 7th March.
I am not part of a Pilot Scheme.
My next VAT Return is for Jan - Mar before the Rules begin on 1st April.
Could you please clarify where I tick in QF and WHEN to change to MTD to make sure it works.
I think I have to select Settings > Company Settings >

More VAT Options and then check the “Use MTD Features” box and then Save.
Is that correct ? Can I check it now and if so will it affect my March VAT Return?

If you need any help linking your account there’s a step by step guide here:

Connecting your HMRC Tax Account

VAT Return periods that occurred before 1st April must still be filed through the new MTD route. If you’ve already linked your Tax Account you just need to enable the MTD Features in “Reports” >> “VAT Returns” >> “VAT Return Settings”.

Have gone through “connecting” steps as detailed.
Have granted authority to HMRC
Have viewed tax account
Have clicked VAT Obligations ( period 1.1.19 to 31.3.19 shown as open.
Prepare OK
“VAT return submission has FAILED”. File VAT return for period 1.4.19…

Hi, I wonder if you can help. I’m just trying to submit my first return. I have registered with HMRC. I then went through enabling MTD under VAT setings which then automatically took me through a linking process which seemed to work fine.If I go into reports and HMRC my company is listed. When viewed it connects and I can see my obligation.

I think I have 2 issues. The first is that when I go back to the VAT settings, the ‘enable online filing’ was not ticked. On ticking this and then ticking Use MTD features it want a user id and password. What do I enter here, I’ve not been given anything specifically for the HMRC / Quickfile link?

The second issue is that when I create a vat return all figures are zero. I have sales invoices which are within the period of the return (Jan - Mar 2019) and have a status of paid. The vat filing start date is set to 01/01/2019. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here.

Thanks in advance,



Is the “file return for period 1.4.19” an error you’re seeing in QuickFile?


If you’re using MTD no username or password is required as the return is submitted differently. This would only be required for the older process (which may be used by some not bound by the need to submit a return through MTD).

Regarding the figures, are you on cash or accrual accounting? If it’s cash, were the invoices paid during the VAT period you’re viewing?

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