MTD VAT return

I have set up clients fr MTD to file their VAT returns and connected them to our new HMRC accounts however i am receiving messages of ‘HMRC have indicated that no data could be retrieved for this VRN’ and also ‘We were unable to obtain a list of VAT obligations from HMRC. Please retry later.’ Is there a reason this is not connecting as it should?

Hello @rebecca

I just clarify a few points, if you don’t mind? The errors are returned by HMRC, so it seems like something is just missing here or a setting isn’t quite right.

  • Am I right in thinking you have an Affinity account and you manage your clients accounts?
  • If so, have you connected your agent account to the Affinity account?
  • Have your clients been enrolled on MTD successfully?
  • If so, when did they receive the confirmation email confirming their enrolment?

yes we have an infinity account and i have connected our new agent account to the infinity account. They havent enrolled to my knowledge however

Hi @rebecca

They would first need to enrol on to MTD. Once they’ve received the confirmation email from HMRC it should be plain sailing from there onwards.

This may help: Signing up for Making Tax Digital

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