Nat West Bank Login has changed - a new screen has been added


It looks like Nat Weat have added in a new screen in the login process - the option is now to choose between customer number or a card number to log in. Obviously this now breaks the flow of the bank feed plug in.
Not sure what more info you need to see the problem - will you be able to incorporate the new screen in the plug-in?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Liza_Aldridge

Thank you for letting us know. I have passed this on to our team to take a look.

However, I believe the export functionality would still work, you just may need to log in manually.

If you’re looking for a more automated process, we do also offer the Yodlee bank feed, which may be able to update your transactions overnight. There’s more information on that below:

Ah yes, sorry, I should have said, the manual login still works and I can still export my bank feed from Nat West. It’s just the automated export flow of screens that is disrupted.
Thanks for your swift response!

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