Natwest Bank Feed - Update

Hi, the Chrome Bank Feed plugin for Natwest, no longer creates the pop-up banner at the top of the page for Quickfile. Really missing this. Any ideas? Cheers

Have you set Natwest to remember your user ID? This was reported on another thread as the cause. If you login and untick the box to remember that should work for you I think.

Hi there, No we are not set to remember, but we get no pop-up unfortunately

I think NW have updated their login process and the feed needs to be updated. We’ll take a look at what has changed and report back. Unfortunately it may take a few days so I would recommend downloading manually for now.


Turned out to be very minor changes. We’ve updated and republished the Plugin on the Chrome Webstore. It should auto-update in about 6 hours, after which you shouldn’t have any further problems.

Wow - Amazing service - Thanks

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Hi just tested it and there is one small glitch where it only asks for 3 characters of the PIN, but it completed 4 overlapping into the password section. Logging in manually from there still works though. :smile:

No problem!

It seems to work OK on our test account. I’m not sure it’s overlapping into the password area… are you saying the last two boxes in the password section are blank?

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