New client and supplier merge tool

We are pleased to announce that a new client/supplier merge tool has been added to QuickFile that will allow you to easily merge any duplicate client or supplier records you have.

For some time now we’ve been helping users address such issues using our own back-end tool. We have now integrated this same tool into the core application.

You can access this tool in the “More Options” menu on the relevant client or supplier screen. This works on the basis that you are merging any other record into this particular one.

You will now see a dialogue box asking for the client/supplier you’d like to merge in.

Once you select the client or supplier, you’ll get a breakdown of all the items that will be migrated over. You also have a couple of other options to delete the source records following the migration. In the case of client records you also have an option to move over the contact records (name, email, telephone number - the logins for the customised control panel).

That’s it! Once you hit the confirm button the migration will be triggered and typically completed in a few seconds.

We hope you find this a useful addition!


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