New invoice showing as draft

Can someone help with my Quickfile. All new invoice have “draft” status

Hi @jarodbartenders

All new invoices will have a ‘draft’ status until they are sent to the client.

You can either go into the individual invoices and click ‘Send’ at the top of the page:

Or you can tick multiple invoices and click ‘Send selected’ on the invoice management screen (the one in your screenshot):

You will be given a few options

  1. Send by email (if we know their email address)
  2. Send by snail mail (if we know their postal address)
  3. Update as sent (this is useful if you send it manually for example)

I hope that helps

thanks :wink: sent means ok?

Correct! Sent basically means it’s now outstanding and will now reflect in your profit and loss too.

You’ll also notice the green box on your dashboard (“money owed to you”) will now increase by approximately the value of your invoice (it’s rounded to the nearest whole pound).

After the due date has past, the ‘sent’ box will change to ‘overdue’ to help you keep on top of your outstanding invoices.

How i can add my bank account number on invoice?

You can add notes to your invoice using the tools under Account Setting > Design Customisation.

Take a look at this guide which shows you show to do this. There’s also a few other good pointers on there that will help you get started :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help :wink:

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