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No account exists with this email

Hi all,

I went to login, my login pages exists but my login credentials are being rejected. I tried to get a reminder but I am being told.

No account with this email could be located

How can this be, and what do I do now? I am locked out of my accounts :frowning:

Most likely you used a different email or there was a typo in your email.

Can you please send me a private message with your company name and I shall take a look.

Sadly I can’t send a private message, I am untrusted :frowning:

Which is fair enough, it must be psychic, it must be able to look back and see the time I stole that bottle of milk from the doorstep all those years ago.

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No worries, I will send one to you… all you need to do is reply then :smile:

Just so everyone knows. My darling wife changed the email, and didn’t change the credentials on our masterlist.

So 100% user error .

The system was right, I can’t be trusted :smiley:

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