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No longer power user

Hi, my Power User subscription is due to expire at the end of the month, but I am no longer a power user. Can I change my subscription back to a basic one?


If you have less than 1,000 nominal ledger entries created within the last 12 months, then the subscription will be optional and you don’t need to renew.

We have a guide in the knowledge base on how to check your account size, which may help: How to determine what items make up your ledger count

Hi, thanks for your advice. I have checked my account and it is an XS account with 161 ledger items in 12 months.

The renewal email I received says: “To ensure any automated feeds or recurring invoices remain active, please renew before the subscription date.”

If I do not renew, will I still have access to the information I have posted to date?

Many thanks

That’s fine - the subscription is optional then. All information will remain on the account and you can still have access. However, some features will be disabled (e.g. those here: Power User Subscription)

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