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Not receiving transactions from Barclays

1.From 16th of September I don’t receive any bank feeds from Barclays bank for tagging.
2. At the same time I was receiving double entries for tagging for one payment paid at bank.
pls check this error so we could smoothly work on quickfile.

G Systems co Ltd
Account: Removed

Hi, it sounds like you did not switch from the yodlee feed to the open banking feed, which is in place from the 14/9.

May this article helps.
Basically you have to delete the yodlee feed and activate the open banking feed

Hi @mallika14,

I have removed your account number from the post. I have had a look at your account and can see that you did have a Yodlee feed linked to your bank accounts.

This was discontinued and you have set up the Open Banking connection. However, you haven’t linked the Open Banking connection to the bank accounts. To do this you need to go into the bank options and activate the feed.

This will then link the feed to the accounts for you.

Hope this helps

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