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This morning I’m being prompted that some of my feeds must be switched to open banking by the middle of this month so I followed the instructions to remove the feed for my Barclaycards, selected Open Banking and the nearest I could see was Barclays (not Barclaycard), logged into that and find that the Barclaycards aren’t showing. My Barclays bank accounts and Barclaycard credit cards are completely different accounts and always have been. Where do I go from here? Will it be possible or can I reinstate the Yodlee feed or do I lose the ability to have feeds for the Barclaycards altogether?

As per this topic the option to use Yodlee will still be available to use where there is no Open Banking alternative.

Thanks but that conflicts with the message appearing against the Barclaycard accounts on the Banking page saying that there’s an open banking feed and that I should update before 14th September.

I’ve spent an hour on this with Barclays online banking support and the outcome appears to be to confirm that Barclaycard accounts are accessed through a completely different online service (I have separate logins that don’t even take the same format of identifiers) and it’s a bonus that I’m able to view the Barclaycards in the Barclays Mobile Banking app.

So it looks like there are several ways this could go:

(a) Quickfile partners with Barclaycard for Open Banking

(b) Barclays make Barclaycards visible via the Barclays online banking site

© The Yodlee feeds for Barclaycards is retained (and the onerous warning message removed)

(d) It’s back to manually downloading Barclaycard statements from the middle of this month. Something I’d prefer not to do, not least because it’s not possible to download statements for both card accounts on the same day due to a caching issue that I first reported to them in 2008 and which they’ve acknowledged in writing but state that there are so few customers with more than one card account that they can’t be bothered to fix it. [I’m not picking on Barclays here, I hate all banks equally. :slight_smile: ]

Given that (b) is unlikely and (a) may happen in the fullness of time but probably not the next two weeks, will © be possible in the meantime please?

Hi @JohnJ

Within the last few hours we have confirmed from our end there is an Open Banking feed for Barclaycard, separate from the Barclays account feed.

With this in mind, as of 14th September, the use of a screen scraping feed (which is what Yodlee uses in many instances) with become illegal and access removed. We have however added this to our list of feeds and we will try our best to get this active prior to the 14th September.

Screen-scraping? I didn’t expect that! And to do it reliably on the Barclaycard site is impressive!

The true Open Banking feed would be ideal and obviously it’s not the end of the world if it’s not ready in time but definitely in the pipeline. I guess you can see from the back-end how many users/transactions go through each bank and can thus prioritise on that basis?

As a matter of interest how similar are each bank’s endpoints/APIs? Is it mainly a paper exercise to add banks once you’ve got the first one on board or does the data require a certain amount of interpretation between different banks?

Would it be an idea to change the warning about switching the feed for Barclaycard for the time being to save others the hassle I’ve had?

Looks like you have already!


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