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Order Bank Accounts on Dashboard

I arrived here because I wondered whether I could reorder the bank accounts. Early in this thread it was stated that the default account is shown first. That doesn’t seem to be true. What I see first is the bank account that WAS the default account when I started using Quickfile. But now that a different account has been added and is the new default bank account, it appears LAST in the list. Although I agree with the people who say it isn’t the end of the world, it is untidy to have a list of four bank accounts containing two that are essentially obsolete, a “Bank Reserve Account” that doesn’t exist, and last of all the only live current account.

This thread has drifted a bit from the original point. Are you on about the bank accounts on the dashboard (which is where this thread started and what the feature request is for) or the banking screen (which is where it was diverted to).

The latter you can order as you like and the former you can add/remove from the dashboard so you shouldn’t have obselete accounts showing.

Thanks for clarifying that. Perhaps it’s helpful to add how it’s done, since it wasn’t obvious to me at first. There is an “Options” button above the list of bank accounts on the all bank accounts page. When it is clicked it offers three choices, the first of which is “Sort/Hide Accounts”. After this choice is clicked, the individual bank accounts can be dragged and dropped into the desired order. Although I found this didn’t work on an iPad, and I had to use a laptop computer to achieve it. Whether or not this option has been selected, each bank account has its own “Options” button, and one of the choices is to hide the account, which then disappears from the list both on the all bank accounts page and the dashboard. You can get them back again using the general options button, where “Show/Hide Accounts” makes them all visible, and the options for each bank account can be used to make them visible again.

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The knowledge base is full of guides and instructions. I don’t know why everyone ignores it completely.

Speaking for myself, I don’t ignore the knowledge base. But if I go from the system to knowledge base, I don’t see anything that obviously answers my question. So then I search. And the first thing that comes up is this discussion. Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t appear to be a facility to search specifically the knowledgebase. And Google doesn’t seem to know about it either.

I have moved this into a new thread to keep it easier to manage

When you’re in the knowledge base and click search there’s a box that’s ticked that says “search the knowledge base category”, so searching within the knowledge base will always return only results from the knowledge base.

You can also manually search within the knowledge base category only from the advanced search on the forum (accessed by clicking ‘options’ below the search box. .

Sorry, I’m not seeing such a box. The only box visible says “Search this topic”. If I tick that, all the answers disappear. Otherwise, as described, the first result is this topic.

Hi @counterpoint,

If you put a # in the search box you can then select knowledge base as a category the search will then only look at knowledge base posts

Hmm. Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t want to be seen as just complaining - I’m very pleased with Quickfile. It’s just that there seem to be some loose ends here. If I simply put # in the box (and how would I know to do that?) it gives me a dropdown selection. The contents seem to vary, but usually offer support, accounting or feature. Not knowledge base. Even when I eventually stumble across the category knowledge base and have a search term of “#knowledgebase:order bank accounts” the first result is STILL this discussion :slight_smile: If the knowledge base really is the fount of knowledge, why isn’t there a simple way to look for things only in the knowledge base and without needing to know about things that aren’t mentioned on the introductory page? And is “We also have a full list of features [here][1]” supposed to be some kind of a link?

Hi @counterpoint,

if you put a # you can then start typing knowledgebase, you don’t need to scroll through, this is only if you are already somewhere else on the forum.

If you were to click the button in the top right corner which says switch to knowledgebase you should then see this when you click on the search bar:

Unfortunately the forum is a platform we use we have not built this so it can not always do what we would ideally like it to. There are various shortcuts that can be used on the forum for example if you type an @ and then start typing a persons name, this will then tag them on the post

Hi @counterpoint

Just to add to @QFBeth’s post, the reason you’re not seeing the “search this category” option is because in your screenshot you’re in a topic. In this case, it offers you the option to search within that topic.

If you were in the overall Knowledge Base category (like in Beth’s screenshot), you would see the search by category option.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @QFMathew. Sorry, but it doesn’t really help. The screenshot shows what is on the screen when I start off logged in to Quickfile, then click on “Help” and choose “Knowledgebase”. Isn’t it natural to assume that a search from that point would search the knowledge base?

I don’t want to be too nit picking, but a practical point is that one reason I didn’t find the relevant knowledge base article is that its title is “Sorting and Hiding Bank Accounts”. The operation isn’t really “sorting”, which depends on putting things in an order determined by one or more fields e.g. sorting by account name. The process of choosing to put the accounts in a preferred order is really called “ordering” and that was what I was looking for.

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