Organisational hierarchy of reporting

We use QuickFile as a small company of about ten people, but split into a couple of internal departments. I’d like to be able to assign expenditures and income to one of those departments so that we can see at the end of the year where the money has been spent and generated. This is different from a nominal code in that two different departments may be spending on advertising or stationery and I’d like to be able to see both the whole company view and how the individual units are doing.

Although our company doesn’t need this, I can see that one not very much larger than us might make use of hierarchical reporting, so the ability to nest departments under each other and drill down the reports would be handy.

It’s then a fairly obvious step to introduce permissions so that some users can only make activity in the departments they have access to, but that might be a lot of coding and turn this into something more like a full-fledged enterprise accounting tool.

Hi @iainhallam

Thank you for your suggestion. As with most feature requests, we’ll leave this topic open to see what interest there is from the community.

Is project tagging something that could be of use here?

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If they’re hierarchical, that might work so that we could have departments as one level and projects below that.