Pay staff expenses from Ringfenced funds

For paying staff expenses we normally set up a supplier for each staff member, upload receipts and create a purchase for each one - when we come to settle expenses we group the payments into a single payment to the ‘supplier’ - that all works fine


The reccomended way of dealing with ringfenced funds (Ringfenced funds) suggests allocating payments in our case to the organisation that gave us the grant.
Now in practice a staff member will purchase goods, and put in a claim for expenses

So who/how do we log both the staff expenses and the fact that money is drawn down from the ringfenced fund

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This might be a use for project tags, if you set up each ringfenced grant as a separate project you could tag the expenses “purchase” to the relevant project to record the source of the funds that were spent. For the incoming grant funds you’d record it using a dummy bank account as described in the thread you linked to, but you could also set an “adjustment” on the relevant project tag to link the funds to the project.

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