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Paying Employee Expenses with Multiple Receipts with One payment



I am new to Quickfile and am just trying to determine a few things…I am running a small limited company.

Currently (manual Excel file based system) employees submit an “Expenses Form” and a folder of scanned receipts. The form is a list of all the values of the attached receipts, summing them up into a single payment due. The company then makes a payment to the employee of that single lump sum.

How do I achieve this in QF? I see I can scan all the receipts in individually, but can I somehow then “link” them all to the payment from the Business account back to the empoyee’s personal account? Effectively making the form? Should I use the Expenses form anymore, or is just having all receipts “grouped” and “linked” to the single payment possible?

Thanks in advance.


Foreign invoice paid with debit card

To put expenses through Quickfile you need to create one or more purchase invoices and you can attach scanned receipts. I suspect that you have to upload individual files rather than a whole folder though.

The approach that you take is up to you, as long as the right money goes through the accounts and you have all records that may be demanded by HMRC accessible. There is no single “correct” way.

We are a volunteer run organisation and there are three people who may incur expenses. The two who have QF access simpy create purchase invoices on their own expense accounts with receipts uploaded as and when they spend money and the balance is settled at month end. The other submits a spreadsheet and scans of receipts.


Hi FolkLondon,

Thanks for that, sounds just about what I want to do. Can you attach multiple individual (scanned) receipts to a single purchase invoice? Although the more I think about it, I realise I could just collate all the scanned receipts into a single file and attach that. Even with the summary spreadsheet (expense form) as the first page, so all the information relating to that single lump sum payment is contained within one scanned doc.

How do you handle the one that submits a spreadsheet and multiple scans?




Hi @j0nr

If the expense is a business expense (as in, it will affect your profit), then entering it as a purchase invoice would be the best way forward, as @FolkLondon suggests.

You certainly can add multiple documents to a purchase invoice (I believe there’s a limit of 5 per invoice), so it creates an easy to manage log too. You could even link it up with Dropbox or set up the email feature on your account to make it a bit quicker too.

I’ve included two guides relating to this, which may help:


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