Paying HKD invoices from a USD account

We have a USD account set up in Quickfile. Recently we paid a supplier in Hong Kong from this account (using Barclays to do the actual FX transaction).

When I came to tag the transaction in the USD account there was, of course, no opportunity to directly tag the USD payment to the HKD supplier invoice. So, I simply allocated the payment as a credit to the supplier account in Quickfile.

Now, when I go into the supplier account, I had expected to select the invoice and to be able to allocate that credit to the invoice, but there appears to be no way to do that.

I’m sure this is because of the complex multi-currency payments involved - but how can I get the credit allocated to the invoice? Should I do abandon tagging and do it manually?



Bank tagging works only when the bank currency and invoice currency are the same. Any other scenario would need to be manually logged from the invoice (i.e. using the ‘log a payment’ option), from here you can then select the USD account and enter the amount paid in currency.

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