Paying USD invoices with GPB account credit

I have an invoice that was $30 USD and it was paid via Moneybookers as $30 USD, and appears on the bank statement as £19.01 GBP, I am trying to log the £19.01 payment as the complete payment against the invoice, I have the rate set at 1.5781 but it still won’t let me

If the credit (prepayment) was entered as GBP you can only pay GBP denominated invoices. You would need to delete the account credit and re-enter it for USD invoices, here you can set the GBP and USD amounts, and from that the exchange rate will be inferred.

That’s worked on paying the invoice, but it still won’t let me tag the £19.01 on the bank statement as the payment

You shouldn’t need to tag anything on the bank statement. Adding the credit will insert a tagged entry to the bank, you just need to delete the untagged duplicate.

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