Payment by goardless from Ireland bank


I don’t seem to be able to take a payment from an Ireland ‘Gocardless’ connected account? Yet I can manually on gocardless.

Hi @tom_44

What currency and type of mandate are you trying to collect from? At the moment QuickFile only supports BACS mandates and GBP. You can check the type of mandate in GoCardless itself:


What does this mean since it is SEPA?

And how is it changed so that it is normal and works in quickfile?

Had to look this up for my own curiosity. Sepa seems to be for Euro payments. From what was said above I don’t think you can use sepa with Quickfile. This is what I found SEPA

I didn’t do anything else. I just sent the link to the customer and that’s how it came out.

How does it get changed then? As I didn’t do anything different. I sent gocardless link to Irish customer as I do uk ones.

Hi @tom_44

This isn’t something that we can control, unfortunately. It may just be a case of the bank not supporting the BACS mandates but rather than SEPA ones.

It may be best to speak with GoCardless directly as they would have more information on this than what we do.

I called gocardless. The issue is, is that quickfile doesn’t support SEPA. Therefore I can’t use quickfile to invoice Ireland customers.

This is pretty major as I’ve just had a lot of customers sign up from there.

Can this be supported? From what I see, it is only a case of supporting SEPA via gocardless, which I’d expect is handled mostly from their end?

You can, but if you want them to pay by direct debit you’d have to initiate the payment manually in GoCardless rather than automatically through QuickFile as you could if they were paying in GB pounds.

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can I request this as a feature, for quickfile to be able to support SEPA / gocardless SEPA

Hi @tom_44

You certainly can. There’s already a feature request for this, so you may just want to add your vote to this - Support for GoCardless SEPA Direct Debits

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