PayPal Feed - allow custom nominal code for fees

Please can we have the ability to choose the nominal code to where the PayPal fees are posted.

Currently they are posted by default to 7901 Bank Charges whereas some, like myself may have a code setup in chart of account specifically for PayPal fees.

Or you could create a journal every month, 6 months, year end to move the balance from one to your one.

Indeed this is what I am doing daily, I would however prefer a cleaner solution if possible.

This is a suggested feature request as per the discussion on this thread

I would vote for this if I had any votes left. What I’ve been doing every 3 months is viewing the bank charges in the Chart of Accounts - Account Detail. Using the search and putting paypal in the notes search box to limit to PayPal fees. Then using the Move to new code button to move the the PayPal fees account.