Paypal feed doubling transactions?

My paypal feed is pulling in two payments to a supplier each time i pay with paypal, it lists one as order, and then a second paymnet as complete. I have not been able to tell if two actual patyments have left my paypal account yet, as there is a resever balance transaction back and forth in paypal all the time. Is this a paypal error, or a quickfile error is it all correct and i am being charged twice each time?

If you go to your banking overview and click on ‘Feed Settings’ next to your PayPal feed, can you confirm if this box is ticked, or unticked please?

I have “leave the tagging to me” ticked, not the middle one as in your example

There is no tick box for “ignore transfers to bank”

That may be why it’s duplicating. If you tick the box, it should only show the money out for purchases. You can then add your own for the transfer to your main bank account

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Brilliant, thanks for your help, done that now. cheers