Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Method Specified is not Supported)


I logged in and find that the Paypal feed has stopped because the method is no longer supported? I’ve got it restarted but I’m missing a whole batch of transactions.

Can anyone help please?



Hi @Daniel_Hall

I will need to check with our develops what this error means exactly.

However, in regards to the missing transactions, unfortunately the feed can’t pick up data before the date it was set up. In this case you will need to export the data from PayPal in a .CSV format, and import it into your account.

Please let us know if you need help to do this.

Some instruction would be useful please. There are various exports from Paypal and I’m not sure about where I do the import in Quick Files.

Thank you.

Sure. PayPal has a guide to help you export your data here:

This post may also help:
Configuring csv from paypal to upload to quickfile

As long as it’s a CSV file, you can import it into your QuickFile account, by going to More Options >> Update Statement.

If you select “Other” as your bank, this will give you more control so you can select what fields to match up.

There’s more detailed instructions here:
Importing your bank statement

Hope that helps.

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