PayPal statement export in 3 currencies - Currency issue


The PayPal auto feed turned out to be a bad option for me as it does not imports all transactions, and creates problems as the balance will not match.

I have sales in USD, EUR and GBP.

My problem is that when I download my statement from PayPal, it does not converts the sales to GBP, therefore my figures are not matching when I upload then into QF.

The automatic feed at least converted everything to GBP, so I don’t had to deal with it.

Is there any known workaround to this problem?


Hi @Mark_Kajdi1,

When you say that the automatic feed isn’t importing everything, what is it that you’re missing?

Honestly, not only certain categories of transactions, but lots of transactions within a category as well.

I have found a solution, and created a new thread about an another question I have:

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