Payroll posting issues


I am concerned that when I import my payroll figures into Quick file that they are going to the wrong location.

In addition when I tag the payment to HMRC the details off the transaction don’t appear to be transferring to the relevant account in Quick file.

I dont want to post images as it contain confidential info can I speak to someone.


Do you use the Payroll Site, or do you use another system?

We don’t provide one-to-one support on accounting related queries, I’m afraid we just don’t have the resources.

All payroll systems are different so mapping the entries from your payroll system will depends on how your software is outputting the values.

It’s worth referring here for general guidance:

How do I enter payroll / PAYE journals and entries

There’s an example of the journal further down.

The total cost to you of an employee’s pay is made up of four parts:

  1. Employer’s NIC
  2. Employee’s NIC
  3. PAYE tax
  4. the net wages paid to the employee

On the P&L you want to show gross wages (which includes 2, 3 and 4) and employer’s NI (number 1), but the payments you make from the bank are net wages (4) to the employee and the sum of 1, 2 and 3 to HMRC.

The payroll journals are how you re-apportion the money to achieve this - you debit “gross wages” for 2+3+4 and “employer’s NI” for 1, and credit “NET staff salaries paid” with 4 and “PAYE” with 1+2+3. The net salaries and PAYE nominal codes should end up at zero as this journal balances the debits created when you tagged the salary payment and HMRC payment from the bank account.

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This was wrong when I wrote it - the net pay goes on “net wages” (2220, a balance sheet code), not “net staff salaries paid” (7003, a P&L code that is only used when you don’t have “post net wages to balance sheet only” enabled).

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