Postponed VAT Process Question

Hi, im just wondering if i can ask a question in regards to a previous post i made a few months back Postponed VAT Question

beth kindly informed me to be able to include postponed VAT in which the courier advised the total after the return was submitted credit the original invoice and re create it (all with the same dates)

i have done that today however when i download the figures for my next return on quickfile it only shows the credits and not the new invoices made,

am i checking this too soon and need to give it time or have i done something wrong?

for example, i have a shipment with postponed vat i recieved in february but today TNT has supplied the postponed VAT total (they are taking there time with the paperwork), so i credited the original invoice and recreated it all with the same dates (in february) this time including the postponed VAT total i have today been given. But the download spreadsheet from the VAT section for April - June Return only shows the credits,

thank you.

Hi @stephenlawes

I believe my colleague has been helping with this via a private message you sent to us.

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