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Postponed VAT processing question

I found a post here (Postponed VAT Process Question) where the reply was posted as a private message, so I am not sure if there is a solution.

I have a similar situation, where an entry from last quarter had to be credited and added with postponed VAT, but it only shows the credit note for this VAT return, not the PVA entries. Is there a way other than manual corrections to get this right?

Hi @csaba

I have found the private thread relating to that topic and the outcome was:

PVA items are recorded on an accrual basis. If the purchase is not dated in the period it won’t be included.

You can just make an adjustment on the return to adjust it , or move the date of the purchase into the period.

Hope this helps?

It was what I thought, however in some circumstances (like the one I have) it would be practicable if this could be brought into the current period, like any late adjustments.

Thank you for confirming this!

no problem, sorry I couldn’t be more help

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