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Power User Subscription Invoice Import


Can we have something a bit more integrated rather than the print to PDF and then email/upload method?

I’m struggling to find a sane workaround. If you could have a ‘send to receipt hub’ link that would be ideal.

Make Quick file invoices automatically appear in Reciept hub

Hi @Lurch

I’ll certainly pass this on to our development team :slight_smile:


I’m a new user to quickfile. Part of the reason I have chosen to use it is because I like the purchases/receipt hub system.

I just paid for bank feeds, and after doing so had to struggle to find where the actual VAT invoice was for this purchase!

Eventually I found it hidden under account settings -> all settings - QuickFile Credit Manager. However, I am now given an HTML invoice which I will have to Save as a PDF and upload again to get it back into my accounts.

Why does this invoice from quick file not appear automatically in my receipt hub? - or can you add a button on it to copy it there.
Even emailing the invoice to me and then letting my forward it back into my reciept hub would have caused me less work than the current process.

I have been going through and setting up rules in my email to automatically forward invoices to quick file to make my life easier. Getting these invoice into my accounts is currently less effort that getting your own invoice in there!


Hi @Tom_Woods

I’ve merged your post with the existing request for this feature. I’ll let you know here if we’re able to update or add anything.


Though given the invoice is within your QuickFile account anyway it may be sufficient to just include the URL to the invoice page as a note on your purchase record rather than having to import a PDF copy.