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Power User Subscription - Offer or Requirement?

On signing into my QuickFile Account I have been presented with an ‘invoice’ for subscribing to/as a Power User and a Power User Subscription is required. I do not believe, at this time, I use or have a need for the Power User features. Is the ‘New Subscription’ / ‘Invoice’ I have received an OFFER or is it something I MUST accept and pay for ?

Thanks … Trevor

Hi @Inform

The Power User Subscription is optional for accounts graded as XS, S or M. If your account is graded as L or XL (this would mean more than 1,000 nominal ledger entries created in the last 12 months), then the Power User Subscription is a requirement.

It’s currently available for £45.00 + VAT for 1 years access (although we offer a 50% discount for registered charities), and also includes many additional features such as segmented profit and loss reports, further customisation and more (there’s a full list here).

I’d recommend taking a look at the following guides and checking out the ledger count, so you can see how this is broken down for your account:

Account size explained

What items make up your ledger count

How to check the size of your account

I hope that helps.