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Prepayments vs Refunds?


I’m confused on how to deal with this…
About a month ago a club member paid for something that required a refund from the club. Not knowing any better I set a prepayment on her account for the amount to be refunded. Last week I paid her via PayPal.
How do I negate the incorrect prepayment and how do I create a refund on her account so I can tag the PayPal payment?
The transactions are one-offs and unlikely to occur again.
Any advice?

Utility company pre-payment refund

Hi @gjwguk

As the prepayment is sat on their account, you would need to tag the refund from the client account itself. I’ll walk you through the process below.

  1. Go to the clients account, and select View >> All Payments

  2. This will take you to a list of all payments related to that client. If you have lots of payments you could see quite a large list. But you can use the Advanced Search to narrow it down to just Unallocated payments if needed. If you only have a few, you don’t need to do this.

  3. Any prepayments will show as ‘unallocated’ in the list:

    Click on View Details to view this payment.

  4. Use the Refund Balance option to mark the prepayment as refunded:
    This will create a duplicate transaction, but you can delete the untagged entry as it would be a duplicate.

I hope that helps!


Thanks - It’s easy when you know how!


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