Problems linking Barclaycard

I have just subscribed to bank feeds and I am unable to log into my Barclaycard at all (It rejects the username, but also rejects the card number which is what I use when logging into the Barclaycard site!). The Barclays current account it does let me log into and it allows me to select the account on the bank side, but my current account is not offered as an option in the pull down list to link the account to, I only have two options, both loan accounts.

does your current account run under the same login details or do you have different login details for this one?
I also found this thread which is maybe helpful

Hello @Mark_Manning

There are 3 versions for Barclaycard depending on your account


Where do you access your account (what website), and do you use a PINsently card reader?

As @rhc mentions, the attached link may prove helpful

I sorted the current account issue, it was just that it had been setup long before the feeds were added so I had to go back into the account settings and select the bank (it was blank).

I login to the barclaycard account (for the moment at least, they’ve changed it three times so far) at GCP-ID&V Login - I tried all three options and couldn’t log in on any.

Hi @Mark_Manning

I have a Barclaycard myself and use the same login link as you. Using the “BCP Banking” option from QuickFile seems to work, but I do need the Pinsentry device.

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