Project tagging direct from bank transactions


Projects is a great new feature.

I can track all my costs from purchases but is there anyway of attaching a bank transaction that does not go via the sales or purchase ledger to a project? eg. Bank Charge for a loan for a specific project.


Currently project tags can be applied to invoices, estimates, purchase invoices and purchase orders. If you setup a supplier in the name of your bank and tag those charges as an invoice to the bank it can be allocated to a project.

It would be difficult having project tags on bank transactions as there’s quite a number of complexities in doing this to avoid double accounting when payments are linked to invoices. So I’m afraid this isn’t something were planning right now, of course if this becomes a more popular request we may rethink this.

Project tags can now be entered from the bank, please see below for more details.

Project Tagging Updates (January 2018)