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Project tags at invoice item level

It’s unfortunate that when we have a suppliers itemised statement for products purchased over the month, although we can itemise each of the products within a Quickfile ‘purchase’, there is no ability to select individual items for the individual project they may be associated with.
This means that we either have to separate each item supplied as a separate purchase or add the items cost’s individually into another calculating program.
It would be useful if the ability to separately select individual items or group of items within a single purchase record to associate it with its project tag, or perhaps the ability to add a free text (plus numeric) field within projects itself whereby the author may add any amounts (and perhaps explanation text) to be associated and calculated with its individual project tag?
Not sure I’m being very clear here?

This was a decision we took early on in the development of the projects module. We did originally design a system that allowed project tags to be applied at the item level. It quickly got very complex when factoring in things like multi-currency, VAT, discounts etc… the roundings for the cash projections were a nightmare. I’m afraid it’s not likely to be somthing we will consider in the near future.

We have however discussed adding an extra percentage value to the tag so it will only consider a % of any given invoice in the calculations.

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Of course an area to add values within the project area may allow for additions/subtractions to be made within the calculations, e.g. using the same methods of creation as in creating reports?
The % marker would greatly assist…

Cheers Glen

Agree, this would be a very useful feature.

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