Purchase and Sales ledger reports

I purchased Power user licence few months back in hope that I can use those “Paid for” features in reporting.
Unfortunately I cannot run the basic report such as Supplier and Customer ledger to see the what gone in and out of the account.
For example:
Supplier ledger not showing all the invoices paid for, unpaid invoices and pre payments under any one supplier account.
Please advice where i go wrong. I want to resolve this issue ASAP before starting year end process.

Many thanks

Hi @abidali.ibrahim

There are a few additional reports we offer as part of the subscription. These can be viewed in the breakdown of the subscription features, here.

This report is a standard report available to all QuickFile users. You can find the full nominal activity by going to Reports >> Chart Of Accounts. There are two nominal accounts which record outstanding balances for invoices, these are:

1100: Debtors Control Account
2100: Creditors Control Account

Both of these will also show on your Balance Sheet under their relevant sections.

You can also find other debtor and creditor reports under the Reports menu (clicking All Reports will reveal the full list. This includes:

  • Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report
  • Creditor (Suppliers) Ageing Report
  • Historical Debtor and Creditor Invoice Report

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you need any further help