Purchase Invoice reply Email Address

How do I set a reply Email address for Purchasing so when a supplier replies to my emailed purchase request it goes to our purchasing email box?

Also how do I send myself a blind copy?


Hello @ChrisatIIOnline

The reply-to address will be the account default, which can be set by going to Account Settings >> Routine Emails. There isn’t a way to create one specifically for purchase orders.

The purchases work a bit differently to the sales invoices, in that you can have multiple contacts for a client and they have a client area to log into.

The only way to get a copy yourself at this time, is to send yourself a copy. The email box, although pre-populated, is editable for your own email address if you wish.

Alternatively, we retain a copy of all emails sent for 6 months, for accounts with a Power User Subscription.

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