Purchase order default additional notes


Would it be possible to have the “Additional notes” field in a purchase order set from a default like we can on other documents such as invoices?

This would allow us for example to include a link to our supplier terms and conditions.



Thank you for the suggestion, I will leave it open as a feature request, if it’s something that is popular amongst other users we can definitely look into this further.

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Just for others to trigger some potential interest. The additional notes could be set by default to have:

  • your preferred invoice format, e.g "Please send invoices to accounts@yourcompany.com in pdf format.
  • your payment terms, e.g. “unless otherwise agreed invoices are paid in 30 days”
  • you could request acknowledgment of the order

For us I’m keen to have a line in there stating “any client details passed to a supplier are to be used solely for the purposes of providing the service ordered and not for marketing or any other purpose”.